6047 Myrtle Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385, USA
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Luis R

Best bacon, egg and cheese in the area. The expesso is strong and bitter. At $2, just the boost you need in the morning

tripadvisor | Sept 18, 2018

Mike S.

A comfortable, all around solid coffee shop, but the name may hide the fact that actually serve some food such as Pho, Bahn Mi and dumplings along with the coffee shop regulars of sweet treats and breakfast sandwiches. Initially I was fine killing some time sitting with a really tasty cold brew, listening to the background pop music and jumping on their free wi-fi checking on what was going outside of my immediate world, but then I noticed they had actual food. So I had to go with the classic combo of Pork & Chive pan fried dumplings and cold brew coffee (What? it's a thing.. maybe) The dumplings were really nice and well made - generously stuffed and thin skinned - the pork and chive more of a dice than a mash of ingredients to give it a good texture. I enjoyed the dipping sauce with these, but not so much I was given a fork to eat them, where I would have prefered chopsticks to not tear the dumplings. Dough's donuts were in the display case, and these seem to be a new addition from reading other reviews. Besides coffees they serve tea drinks (boba and such) and they are open later where other shops in the area close earlier. As I said, A solid spot for coffee, but also a bit more!

yelp | August 24, 2018

Laady B.

I've gotten breakfast there, which was delicious. A simple egg, cheese, on a raisin bagel had so much flavor and was truly enjoyable to eat and yesterday a tofu banh mi sandwich and from the first bite I wanted to get another one. Can't believe I didn't notice this gem sooner.

yelp | June 27, 2018

Mac D.

Coffee is outstanding and the customer service is absolutely great. I like this place better than the Dunkin donuts and Starbucks of the world. I will always pick Ama before them.

yelp | May 9, 2018

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